Demo of different playback in different passes

Under the direction of Dorico, the EastWest Symphonic Choirs sing three verses of the Christmas carol Away in a Manger to Jonathan Spilman’s melody Flow Gently, Sweet Afton. All of the verses appear on the same page.

This project posed three interesting challenges:

  1. Getting the playhead to advance more smoothly than it normally does in Dorico 4.
  2. Getting the virtual choir to sing different verses in different passes while hiding the repeat notations.
  3. Getting the tempo to change near the end of the last verse.

Nice. I find East West Choirs highly underrated and wordbuilder extremely complex but when one invests the time, good things spring forth.

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The solution to points 2 & 3 is to add vv. 2 & 3 sections on subsequent pages (using copy/past) using just those lyrics and adding a ritardando at the end of the final stanza. One can print only the first page but use the entire file to generate an audio rendition.

Your solution is fine if the goal is to produce sheet music and an audio rendition for real singers. But my goal was to create a video of Dorico playing back all three verses appearing on the same page.

The following Dorico project produces the same video while replacing the Symphonic Choirs with three keyboard instruments, each playing one verse. This project demonstrates the techniques used to overcome the challenges mentioned in the first post of this topic.

Away Demo.dorico (845.3 KB)