Demo Projects for Allen Morgan Rock-Pop Toolbox?

With previous versions of Cubase there were links to a handful of demo projects on the update page. I’m not finding any demo tracks this time around. Are there any, and more specifically are there any for the Allen Morgan Rock-Pop Toolbox?

Well, I found something promising, but am not really sure.

Media Bay --> VSTSound --> Rock Pop Toolbox --> Project Files

There are 31 folders there, each with what appears to be a project in it, but when I right-click the resource and select, Open, it says, “The project directory is read only! Please make a new selection!” lol at the exclamation points.

Are these actually project files, and if so, how do I open them? I wasn’t able to find them on my hard drive.

I wasn’t understanding the error message. It wanted me to select a folder to put the project file in. So yeah, there are 31 demo projects for the Allen Morgan Rock-Pop Toolbox.

So first thought while digging into these, it would have been nice if the recorded guitars and bass actually used the VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Rack.


Anyone know how to get rid of these unwanted projects?