Demo/Trial version?

Hi all,

First post here.

I’m a former Cubase user since Atari/early PC days, but jumped ship to Ableton a few years back. For various reasons I’m now thinking about a return to Cubase after a 10 year hiatus.

Naturally I want to be sure I’m going to get on with the software and had assumed there would be a 30 day test option, but I can’t see anything for 10.5 Pro. Can you point me in the right direction?


Hi and welcome,

There is no Cubase 10.5 Trial available yet. Most often Steinberg releases Trial version with the very first maintenance update (so 10.5.10, most probably, in this case). But we don’t know the release date, of course.

You can download Nuendo 10 Trial at this moment. Nuendo works the very same way as Cubase, just has some more features.

Ok thanks for this info Martin