Demo version of Cubase 6?

There was one for C5 - this seems like an obvious option for upgraders/new users to find out if the software works with their OS/hardware configurations and if the new features are what they are after.

Pretty please - with Sugar on top - been upgrading since SX3 and really want to make sure this still works for me on my existing system.


Think we could all use a demo version - come on - bump it up!

Likewise! From reading the details of Cubase 6, I didn’t know if it was worth upgrading.

+1 a Cubase 6 trial be would be great.





This question has been answered.

Hi - I have read that post and forgive me if I missed it - but where does that mention when they will be providing the Demo version for Cubase 6 as they finally did with Cubase 5?

In the link in my previous post.

Can’t see a demo being available yet. Even though some of us have bought the full version, there’s no sign or confirmation of delivery!

Hi SteveInChicago, I have read that post link again and still can’t see what you are trying to say about a demo version of C6 being made available. You are aware that there was a trial version of C5 made available yes?

Thanks for taking an interest though.

Hey easyman, here a quote from the actual post to which I referred.

Would be nice to know if it works on Vista 64. Bring on that demo! :slight_smile: