Demo version?

I downloaded the Dorico installer, but I cannot get it to run at all - it needs to have a license code entered first (this makes sense).
I’m not sure if I want to buy the program yet. I want to see how it works. Enter a new score from scratch. Import old files from Sibelius to see what they look like (and how the program functions). Before I spend the money, I need to know what I’m getting into!
How can I use the program in a trial mode?
I don’t have any licenses to other Steinberg products…so the “try any program” license that’s been previously mentioned doesn’t apply to me.

Ryan Williams

You can’t use the program in trial mode, I’m afraid, until trial licenses are made available, which we expect to do in around 30 days, or certainly before the end of November.

That’s terribly disappointing. Doesn’t that hinder the number of early adopters you’ll have?

Unrelated - when is version 1.1 (or even 2.0?) due out? From the number of comments I’ve read here throughout the day, it would seem an update is going to be necessary.

It’s how every Steinberg release goes, for what it’s worth. The trial version follows the availability for purchase by around 30 days.

We are already working on the first post-release update, and we expect an update to be available around the time that the trial is available.

Ryan, that was always going to be the way. When the two major competitors were new, 20 years ago, they didn’t contain half the features they do now. Dorito already has features and automatic behaviours that all of the competition (still) lacks, and that’s admirable. There are gaping holes in v1.0, but Dan Spreadbuey has said all along that development will be driven by what people on this forum ask for.

For the bulk of the engraving and arranging work I do I can’t yet use Dorico (though I may start inputting here and exporting MusicXML to “Finnish” it off elsewhere) - without chord text and repeat structures (including DS al Coda etc.) I still need the old software, but what we’ve seen today is incredibly promising.

Bear in mind that Tesla came to the car market with Autopilot technology, but you still need a driving licence to drive a Tesla, and it can’t yet drive 500 miles without stopping for literally hours to recharge. People are still happy to pay £50k+ for a Tesla, because it’s closer to the future than anything else we’ve got. Dorico’s not so different…