Demoing Pro, Question Re: Selecting Notes In Score

I have figured out how to have more than 4 bars across the page in Score View, which is one of the must-have features I’m looking for. Another is, how do I select a long passage of notes, that, for example, extends across 12 bars? Is there a way to scroll through as far as you need to, so the page view keeps moving to the right?


Isn’t it a duplicate ?

Hi Martin, not exactly. In the other thread I was asking about AI and Elements, here I am asking about Pro.
If there is no way to do this Pro, except by using a different editor, then that would be unfortunate, as I am very impressed with the Score editor as notation. But as an editor, you should be able to select a passage of any length in the score editor, for copy/paste etc. To me, workflow is more important than how accurate the notation is. I work with notes, I don’t use any other editor (except Event list). I would hope this could be addressed in future versions.


In Cubase Pro, the Page view is from this point of view the same as it is in Cubase Elements. But you can switch or if the Page Mode, and your have other possibilities then.

Unfortunately you cannot select notes on one staff across multiple pages from within the Score Editor.
I understand that you don’t want to open another editor when working with scores, that’s how I work as well, 99% of the time.
But you don’t need to open another editor either for this case, only the main Project window in addition.

There are many ways for achieving what you ask.

I suggest the following:
1- as Martin suggested, switch to linear mode in the score editor
2- in the main project window Select the staff you want to copy the notes from
3- in the score, click on the first note to be copied
4- with the Score Editor window still in focus, in the menu select: Transport>Locators>Set Locators to Selection Range §
5- In the Score Editor locate the last note to be copied
6- hold Alt+Shift and click somewhere after your last note on the staff
7- in the menu: Transport>Locators>Set Right Locator to Project Cursor Position (Ctrl/Cmd+Num 2)
8- menu: Edit>Select>In Loop
9- Copy
10- in the project window select the destination track
11- Set the Position Cursor to the left Locator (Num Pad 1)
12- Click on the Score Editor window to bring it to front
13- Paste

Looks complicated when explained in detail, but it’s very simple.

This is no problem, I think.
As mentioned, if I do NOT activate “Page View”, I can zoom out far enough to pretty much select ALL the bars. I just draw a box around them with the object selection tool. Even at a comfortable reading level… selecting 20 bars is trivial. But I have to zoom out so they are all in view. 'Pushing" the screen with the selection box is hit or miss.

HOWEVER, to add a tiny bit…you can use SHIFT+selectiontool to add to your selection bars that are on the next page, or if you want to select discontinuous bars. So you could select 12 bars on one page…mouse-flip to the next, shift-select the next 8 bars… and you have 20 bars selected.
Reading your other thread… this might be what you are looking for. SHIFT to add to your selection.