Denoiser FREEZE MODE doesn't render in Wavelab8


Anybody can render a file in FREEZE mode with Sonnox denoiser, it doesn’t work in wavelab 8, it works in ADAPT mode tracking.


Indeed, the adapt mode must be used. Else you have to record what you playback.

It render in Cubase but none in Wavelab 8, is a problem of Wavelab 8 or at leat with the interaction with Denoiser


Is a bug of wavelab 8

The problem is that the Freeze parameters are not stored inside the plugin settings, while WaveLab reads the settings from the plugin before rendering (another plugin instance is allocated for rendering, and needs to be initialized with the same settings as the playback plugin). IOW, this is a limitation of the plugin.

It is a problem of both, wavelab for sell a product that doesn’t do that they promise, I copy from your site
Audio restoration, And I payed for it and it isn’t a cheap product. For example Soundforge do that they promise in this aspect.

WaveLab highlights advanced spectrum editing and error correction tools. And with the Sonnox DeNoiser, DeClicker and DeBuzzer tools, it also includes the latest restoration plug-in technology available on the market — best suited to accurately restore impaired audio recordings.

Spectrum editing for correction of errors deeply hidden in the frequency spectrum
Error correction tools with analysis and automatic correction tools
DeNoiser effectively removes constant background noise
DeClicker is the right choice to eliminate pops, clicks and crackles
DeBuzzer removes humming noises like the mains hum

I hope that Steinberg/Sonnox solve this issue that makes me lost a lot of time, by the way I didn’t recive any reply of support department from my email of the end of last week.

Then what should I do?

-Wait for the reply of support?
-Try contact again with steinberg support?
-Ask for it to Sonnox?
-Ask for it to a customer rights organization?
-Come back again to Sound Forge?


As PG said: “this is a limitation of the plugin.”


As PG said: “this is a limitation of the plugin.”

rvperez wrote:-Ask for it to Sonnox?


Do you know the reply of Sonnox? :slight_smile:



scroll down on the site and write and ask about the issue

regards S-EH

I did it , thanks :smiley:

I’m waiting almost 15 days. It is very curious the next time that I need a “fast” solution I haven’t kepping in mind the software companies. And less in this holidays days. :slight_smile:.
I having some problems with fails for software that I paid with Steinberg, Sonnox, IK Multimedia, Waldorf, Native Instruments.
The best and fast service was Waldorf, they repply very very fast, feedback nice (they didn’t solve the problem yet, but at lest was feedback).
Native Instruments is a “big” company and have the same problem, that happens in health public service in Spain, the specialsts (in any case works better than private health system) doctor don’t follow enough your health problem, , i.e. the company take more time that they should and reply with diferent things that you ask, or reply bordering the main problem, with solutions bad. It wasn’t a problem of software this time, I had a problem that they they didn’t solve with one product.
Sonnox, I haven’t asny reply of them yet. May be the holidays, I hope have a solution of Steinberg/Sonnox.
Steinberg, at least repply from his Forum, from direct support mail/web contact =0, yet. The solution from forum is the other character could solve the problem for the software that you bought to us.
IK Multimedia. At least have feedback no fast but feedback, there are studing the case.

Another caracter of the history could be spam system of my email, that lost the feedback of software companies.

Merry Chritsmas. :slight_smile:

Of course the support of software is a very difficult thing because the flexibility of the software with thousand posibilities, and million of error posibilities.

3 moths waiting, any news?

Does it not do what it says, or does it not do it the way that you assumed it would? There is a difference.

PG explained to you that it is a limitation of the plugin, so it’s Sonnox you need to ask to make it “freeze compatible”. Although I am sure that folks at Steinberg are courteous enough to inform Sonnox of such findings, you need to be over at Sonnox asking about any news.

I am not defending Steinberg at all, but nowhere do I see a statement along a blunt “all plugins support freeze”, so anything else is an assumption made by the buyer. This is business and you need to be looking out for number one, that’s you, yourself, otherwise there will be no one keeping a lookout for you.

Now head on over to Sonnox heaven and raise hell!