Hi Guys,
I’m not sure if’d seen it before or Else am I dreamt something :smiley: ? On my C 7.5 I do not find the DeNoiser plugin, As far as i remember when i was in ASIA last year in a Studio they were using C 5 and There was a noise from the guitar and I did help them out to cut off with the DeNoiser. Could someone please help me?
Thank you


Cubase does not have a denoiser…
You can easily find that out yourself, by simply opening the pugin reference pdf, btw.

I see you have Wavelab. It has the Sonnox denoiser plugs. Perhaps you saw it there. You can open up the Wavelab package in Finder and drag copies to your Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/ folder to have them in Cubase.

Hi Ulesto,
Thank you bro:)