Does N7 have a Denoiser plugin in 64bit? I used my old Denoiser from old nuendo version at 32 bit, but lost the “Process Plugin” feature in N6 64bit because it is a 32bit plugin. If not, what are you guys using for denoisers?

Izotops RX has found a lot of thankfull users over the last years.
And as long as it doesnt have to be the advanced version, its not expensive…


First of all it is a pita that nuendo does not provide a variety of no less than excellent restoration tools by itself.
It used to have some usable plugs in former versions.
For now, I help myself with the plugs of Wavelab, Sonnox, sevaW and the better solutions,
which are RX4 and reNOVAtor. Cedar is still Mac-only, I believe, which is as regrettable as it is stupid…

The lack of Nuendo-native restoration tools is just as annoying as the discontinuation of the
Nuendo DolbySurroundEncoder software, to name just one example of a whole set of dead SB products.

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I use RX 4 Advanced for de-noising and other things, in Nuendo.

Personally I think SB have other things to fix/add that are of bigger importance, things that can’t be added with a 3rd party product purchase. Hard to get proper grouping/linking/VCA etc so that’s where focus is best put in my opinion, although I’d certainly welcome excellent restoration tools once that’s done.

For my personal preferences the most useful and productivity enhancing plugs in RX are:

  • Denoisers (auto & manual)
  • DeReverb (sometimes does damage to audio, but for some work clients prefer it)
  • DeClick/Crackle
  • DeClip (saves some audio from being unusable, depending on cause for clip)

And then the ability to both extract room tone and match spectral… uh… what’s it called?.. “character”?.. “EQ match” or something… those two can be fantastic as well.

If Yamaha had the will it could probably strike a deal with iZotope and just license the stuff. Though then we’d arguably risk losing it in the future just as we lost the SurroundEncoder.

RX is very expensive and the “old” SB Denoiser/Declicker Plugins do the job fine. So I have a 32Bit WLab version installed, only for this. Ok, i must go outside of Nuendo, but it’s very rare, because, the most records are too clean, so I need noise :wink:

RX 4 Advanced may be “a lot of money”, but for what you get it’s not very expensive in my opinion.

I’m not sure which “‘old’ SB Denoiser/Declicker” plugins you’re referring to, but the only ones I’ve used were far away from RX’ quality.

RX 4 is actually economical, if you are a professional and working in post specially.
So…if “most records are too clean”…why would you even need a “denoiser” ??

:laughing: :laughing:

Why should I buy RX4, if WLab do the same? And no, I’m not a pro. I make music since 38 years like a pro, have experience like a pro, was 3 years on tour with a band in europa like a pro, have played as bassman on CDs like a pro, have made the CD from my last band single-handedly like a pro … but I earn my money with program machines in a little company :smiley:

Most of the time I use denoiser for accoustic guitars in ballads e.g. Rock 'n Roll don’t need a denoiser, only declicker :sunglasses:

We use RX all the time. It is worth every penny. I’m also in agreement with the sentiment that a sequencer developer should spend time on the things only a sequencer can do. I’m quite happy to spend money on a 3rd party plug.


Thank you guys. Great discussion. I will definitely take a look at the RX4 advanced version. Sounds funny, but when I get some of my “non-pro” client’s files, they are often recorded poorly with either noise, or ambience that is highly unfavorable to the mixing process. Truth is, a top tier product like RX4 advanced benefits the non-pro more than it benefits a pro, since a pro will usually have above industry standard equipment.

Sometimes, you just have to polish a turd to find a golden nugget! :smiley:

Cedar DNS One is available as VST for PC. Currently using it on Windows 8.1. It’s great.

Of course. But there’s a difference between saying that something is arguably too expensive with no caveats and saying something along the lines of “it’s not for me 'cause I don’t need it”.

Btw; and I admit my ignorance here, but I actually do have a hard time seeing how RX Advanced isn’t by now a better tool at doing what you’re looking for. Not saying that WL can’t get a sufficient quality result, just that RX probably could do it better.


I should add again to this discussion, if you allow me…
I have and still use WL, and that was long before I even had Nuendo.
It is still @ WL5.xx and only use it to edit and burn final CD masters. ( Xp pro, 32 bit, Plextor Premium) solid as a rock.
I had a look back then to it’s noise reduction offerings and found it less practical and not so user friendly than the Wave restoration package I had back then.
But…that was long time ago, might be up to par now ( ??)

The RX4 advanced pack offers way more functions, and detailed spectral manipulations than anything else out there now in the same price point.
Deconstruct, dereverb, realtime dialog denoise, are tools used daily in audio post.

Bassman >> my closing comments earlier was meant to be sarcastic joke, sorry you didn’t read it as such :astonished:

The old restoring tools where ok in their time, but the possibilities and quality of the new tools are so much better.
As long as you process just music alone the old stuff might be good enough in most cases, but as soon as you get to film and external recordings in their many forms you are lost, pretty soon. And don’t forget the almost forensic work we get to perform to recue material. If a studio works in a variety of fields, products like RX and reNOVAtor, a.s.f., are just indispensable and therfore a necessary investment. If one is more semi-pro or a hobbyist the decision to spend that kind of cash must be made indiviually.

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I’ve been a faithful user of both Nuendo and Wavelab since N2, and before that Pro24 and Cubase on Atari, and I’ve seen many things come and go through the years. Some things I miss, other I don’t, and when it comes to Denoiser and Declicker, I must admit I never had much love for them. There are, however, not a single plug I’ve seen go that I don’t understand why as the engines often age less than gracefully and I assume would need to be rewritten from scratch if modernized, and the De****er-plugs was most certainly two of them.
They was there and they more or less did their job, for my money at the time I couldn’t ask for much more, but today? Didn’t even realize they were gone. Will not notice next time I’m at the studio either. And I don’t care. Like several others in this thread I rather Steinberg work on things exclusive for Nuendo, like the engine and timestretch (in all fairness I’ve haven’t got to try it out on N7 yet though), and internal components, everything else can and will (at lest in my case) be replaced anyway to stuff more suitable for my taste and workflow, and the denoiser is no exception.
I use the standard RX3, have other things I must prioritize before upgrading that, and in my opinion it really kicks all kinds of ass. Sure the (even more) professional version comes with even more Martens to buttocks ratio, but even for professional applications the cheaper version does one hell of a job.

Also, I remember all old plugins being included in an own folder on the old N5-disc. I can’t check the N6-disc right now, and the N7 was a download, but could it be that they still have that included, or very least accessible some way or another for those who actually wants it? The old VST2-plugs was indeed universal, I used the same plugs bundled in WaveLab for Nuendo, and vice verca. Didn’t work with VST3 for some reason (between different versions of Nuendo that is, my old Wavelab didn’t have VST3 at all), but in this case that doesn’t really matter anyway!

This topic was already discussed somewhere between 5-6 version, and if I remember correctly:

From one point yes some basic de-noise functions might be cool (song striped down version from Wavelab plugins - but they are really striped down) but this option (licensing) raises price of whole Nuendo package without options for example Music related work in Nuendo.

Price for basic iZotope is for me reasonable (especially in sales :slight_smile: and we have options to use what we want (Waves, WavesArts, Sonnox, iZotope, Cedar etc…)

I think what lemix is saying is that its economical if you have paying clients where a repeat use of its functionality is expected. I was asked recently why I’d spent £500 on an app that was capable of only doing one thing. It was easy to answer. The apps cost was covered by a single post audio project and has been used many times since, saving me a huge amount of time or depending on how you choose to look at it, money.

Yes, exactly fuzzydude,

RX4 is just a logical choice for post work. There are arguably “better” ones ( Cedar) but iZotope comes with many other utilities and way cheaper, specially if you upgrading ( I did that )
Nugen stuff would be optional, there are a few alternatives out by now.

I was asked recently why I’d spent £500 on an app that was capable of only doing one thing.

That’s it ! Nyrinck or Minnentonka LtRt tools would be a perfect example .
Quite costly but a must have. Doing one single task.
OK, back to topic…