Denominator Style - small bug?

There seems to be a small bug when changing the Denominator Style of Time Signatures.
It seems to happen when inputting a 2/2 and trying to change Denominator Style to just show a 2.
Nothing happens (at least here)…
… until I change the Numerator Style to Beat group and then disable that again.
After this in-between-step the Denominator Style will be displayed correctly.

This works as expected for me, i.e. you can just activate the ‘Denominator style’ property and it takes effect right away.

Daniel, I can reproduce this behaviour- but only with 2/2.
If I turn 3/4 to 3 (or any other value) it does work as expected.
The same hiccup happens on my main computer with Dorico Pro license.
To make the whole thing even more obscure, on the main computer I always have this hiccup, I have to use the workaround - but on my laptop with Dorico Elements I have a failure rate of about 50%, so sometimes I get around the extra steps. It just feels a littlebit stuck sometimes…

I’m still unable to reproduce this, but I will keep trying in the odd idle moment. I’ve looked closely at the code and can see that the property is always being set as it should. I suspect that you would find that in the event that it doesn’t seem to update correctly, if you were to save, close and reopen the project, you would see that in fact it is showing with no denominator as you expect.

Daniel, thank you, I will try this step the next time.

Daniel, I came across this behaviour again today and decided to make a little screen capture video:

Denominator Style glitch