Denominator with dotted quavers?

Is it possible to notate a meter with dotted denominators in denominator-style, e.g.

6/e. (i.e. a meter with 6 beats, each of which has a value of a dotted eigth = 18/16)?

“If it’s too hard, I can’t understand it.”

Trying random denominators from 1 to 20, I can get dotted halves and quarters, but not eighths.

In fact I need dotted 16ths…

Do you mean Orff style meters? There’s an engraving option for that.

These time signatures were originally entered as 9/8, 9/16 and 9/32.
Then they were selected and, in Properties > Time Signatures, Denominator style was changed to the second option (number over note).

Added a little later:

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Thank you for your screenshot which gave me the hint for the solution. I was aware of the panel. However there is an engraving option too which was set in the wrong way.