Denormal Issue with VSTBridge

I am getting a denormal issue with a plugin using the VSTBridge. I was wondering if there is anything can be done to eliminate the denormal issue at all ? I get CPU spikes when it’s idling, and sometimes during playback, all that happens is the audio stutters for a moment, but the GUI continues, then it catches up n carries on.

Which plug-in?
More detail is needed.

Why am I always so vague when I don’t need to be ! lol Sorry

It’s Poise from One Small Clue. I used to jbridge it, but that’s gone wrong for some reason, or maybe I altered something, so just use the VSTBridge. It bridges fine, just get this wierd error, which I am sure is a denormal one, or maybe something i’m missing.

Have you tried good old normalizer denormals eleminator:

Hey thats pretty cool, thanks, i’ll give that a try, see if it helps. Didn’t know that existed.

Damn, that is only for effects :frowning: Still handy thing to have just in case I need it.

I think i’ll try jbridge with poise see if that helps.

Plug-in works ok with jbridge. So the denormal issue was to do with the VSTBridge. Also a significant reduction in ASIO overhead using jbridge.