"Denser" Caret

For some reason I can’t get grace notes where I want them to be. So how can I make the caret “denser” so that say in 4/4 it shows rhythmic positions for 1/16 notes or even 1/32. Hope that is possible, thanks.

Alt-[ and Alt-] change the rhythmic grid, or use the pop up menu in the bottom left corner of the Dorico window.

Rythmic grid that’s the term and with it I found more help from Help. The pop up menu is handy and works but Alt- does not on Scandinavian keyboard. Also neither does Alt +[ which is the shortcut according to Write menu. The [ already requires AltGr so it would be Alt+AltGr + [ and that has no hope with Scandinavian KB. Thanks again, big help.

EDIT: Alt Gr -> AltGr

You can always remap the standard key commands. I’ve set the options for increasing and decreasing the rhythmic grid to “cmd+ctrl up/down-arrow”. You can also set shortcuts for specific values. I’m using the alt key + the same value as when entering pitches, so that for instance “alt+5” sets the grid to 8th notes.

OK, thanks for that.

I use 1 and 2 to increase/decrease the rhythmic grid resolution (I seldom use 64th notes…). Since this is an operation I use A LOT it has proved to be a good idea, in my workflow.

If you can’t get short notes where you want using the rhythmic grid and clicking on the note position, you can move the note entry caret by any amount (down to 1/1024 notes) by selecting the note duration and pressing space.