Deregister and Reregister LE4

Hi all,

I am selling an older product that came with Cubase LE4. I no longer have the product installed on my computer and am planning to include the original CD that came with the product. Will the new owner be able to register and use the software on their computer? I haven’t used it in quite some time, so the My Products page shows LE4 and has the red Software Reactivation button. What do I need to do to transfer the license to the new owner so they can install and use it?



Follow the resale wizard…

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Thanks for the quick answer, Prock. The original version didn’t come with the USB e-licenser - only a serial number. If I’m reading that link correctly, in order to transfer that license I’ll have to purchase the USB e-licenser and then transfer the license over to it.

Yes… that is what the Steinberg resale wizard says you would need to do to transfer that LE license.

The USB eLicenser cost is $35. Good luck.

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