Dereverb broken in SL11

Dereverb seems broken in SL11. The same audio file introduces artefacts when reducing the reverb by 50%. I tried it again in SL10 and it works fine.

Anyone else has this experience?

And I just realised that the SL10 is overwritten when installing SL11. Apparently you can’t have both.

Installing SL10 (to test this) crashes all my sessions in Studio One. I had to do a re-install of SL11.

Hi, sorry I can not confirm, that previous versions of SL will be overwritten when installing SpectraLayers 11. I currently have versions 9, 10 and 11 running on my system and I did only simple install the software.

The standalone app is indeed not overwritten. Only the VST3 plugin is overwritten (SL10 and SL11 VST3 have the same name)

Yep, put the v10 plugin in another folder in your plugins directory to keep both running,

Thanks for the workaround. (1.4 MB)

Here two snippits. Both use Dereverb at 50%. SL10 has no artefacts.

De-Reverb is broken in ARA here as well (lots of artifacts even when previewing). Works fine in stand alone.

Mac Studio M1, Apollo X6.

It is broken in both in ARA and stand alone for me (the examples I’ve uploaded where both made in SL stand alone). MacOs 13.6.6