deselect record enable on all tracks

Hi is there a way to deselect record enable on all tracks? Sometimes a track will stay record enabled for whatever reason and when I try to play a different track I hear the other track that is still record enabled. In a template that has hundreds of tracks it can get difficult to find the track that is still enabled.


Yes in Key Commands->mixer you can set a key to “Deactivate recorde enable for all tracks”.

The only key command I see is “Deactivate Record Enable for all audio tracks”. I’m looking for a way to deactivate record enable on all tracks, including midi and instrument tracks

Do we know if there is a way?

Look in preferences, editing, project & mixconsole.

Not that I can find, but maybe you are ok with a workaround that I used before I found the key commands? Make a “Master Folder” where you put all folders and tracks/istruments/midi, then you can use the one record enable button on the master folder to select/deselect enable/disable for all tracks of all types.

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That’s a clever work around, thanks for the tip!

It’s easy with PLE. Create: Media Type is All Types → Track Operation Record Disable. Create Macro and assign a Key.

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Brilliant! Thanks!