deselecting channels in mixer

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  1. Create a project or open an existing one with more than 1 (audio) channel)
  2. Select channel 1 and 2 by holding either cmd or shift.
  3. Try to deselect one of the channels by holding cmd (ctrl) and clicking on that one channel.
    → result: nothing happens.

Where it should be possible to be able to deselect one or more channels from a selected group by using for cmd/ctrl modifier keys as it normally happens when doing so in arrangement window.
The only possible way is to click on another - unselected channel and then select group of channels by holding cmd/ctrl making sure not to select some unwanted channel by mistake.

mariospray :imp:

I can’t confirm your issue.
Works as it should here. Step 3 deselects and reselects every Ctrl/click.

Confirmed here in Cubase 8.0.10 64bit

It happens with my DAW i7-4930K and laptop i7-4710HQ (all Win 8.1 pro 64)

Workaround: you can deselect the channels in the Channel Selector at the left, I hope a temporary workaround…

Solution found (in my case):

try to deselect the channels with a ctrl/click in the upper part of the mixer, between the faders and the slots (see the image: click in the part under the send slots).