Deselecting parts and combining 2 mono to stereo

Hi, don’t know how I’ve done it but I have a project window open with all parts selected, if I click away from a part in the project window then all parts are deselected, but if I then click on just one part it selects everything again and I cant find how to stop all parts becoming selected even when I only click on one.

If I have 2 mono tracks in a project window is it possible to combine them into one stereo track? I have ended up with a lot of mono file pairs from an omf import that should be stereo files.
Thanks for any help

Sorry, no idea on the selection issue.

For the mono I’d route each mono pair hard right & left to a Group Channel. Then do a Render in Place of the Group Channel.

Thanks i’ll give that a go

Sorry, not exact answer but… I have many different DAW and audio editors. Only Soundforge actually has the feature during Open to ‘combine L+R to stereo’. It’s a bit of an industry joke, I think.
Such a simple feature but so many companies overlooked it, at least as a ‘feature’. Yes there is many ways to render/bounce but all usually require you to do unnecessary work just to get it.
C’mon SB, please add combine and split audio right from the arranger or audio Pool.

edit: btw, the joke is that there is a small company charging around $40-50 for a application that JUST combines l/r into stereo files!! Absurd, right?