desert island

Bit of fun and interesting to see what we all choose you already have your recording rig speakers interface ect
These would be your desert island essentials to get you through. :slight_smile:

If you can stick to what you already own but state if you don’t.

Ok you can have

Two compressors. plugin or hardware
Two eq’s. Plug or Hw
One reverb plugin or Hw
One mic
One limiter
Two delay Plugin or Hw
One De-esser
Three Vsti’s
And one other piece of gear of choice plug or Hw
If you want me to add another piece of gear let me know


Softube tube tech cl1b ,api 2500 Hw (not owned)
Softube trident A range,dmg Equality
IK csr plate reverb
Akg 414
Psp xenon
IK tape delay, cubase stock stereo delay
Waves Renaissance De-esser
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2, East west symphonic orchestra and spectrasonics omnisphere (not owned)

My one extra would be softube grand channel (not owned)

Two compressors. plugin or hardware - I do fine with the ones provided by Cubase, if I have to
Two eq’s. Plug or Hw - No need to transport these to “desert island”, Cubase EQ’s are just fine
One reverb plugin or Hw - OK … maybe I would take my Yamaha REV500 with me. Probably reverbs included with Cubase would be just fine, but I’ve never used them.
One mic - ONE? Who can live with ONE microphone? I would rather ditch all plugins/hardwareFX/synths I own rather than having just one microphone. OK. If it’s only one of those I own, it would be Earthworks QTC30.
One limiter - Again … Cubase has good enough limiter.
Two delay Plugin or Hw - In addition to Cubase’s delays, I would pick Steinberg’s Karlette.
One De-esser - Cubase’s de-esser is good enough … but maybe the Waves one, because I’m more familiar with that one.
Three Vsti’s - I don’t use VSTi:s … can I have some more microphones please instead? … or one of my drumkits (electric one please, if I have to get along with ONE microphone) … OH WAIT … and my Martin HD-28 … and some other guitars and basses …

… well nevermind … this whole topic was obviously targeted only for electronic music producers.

Nah not just electronic buddy :wink:
You can trade you vsti’s for mics if you like

Instruments you got whatever you own or want. :slight_smile:

Just nice to see if people can narrow it down or single out their favourites

I would go all Cubase built in plugins for all of these, as I don’t use much else. NI supercharger as second compressor. My mic would be the Studio Projects C3, VSTi’s HSSE for bread and butter, and my MO6 keyboard and DTX750 drumkit.
I don’t even have a Deesser :astonished:

Diesel generator
Penicillin, sutures, how-to book
Fishing tackle
Water purifier
Solar still
Acoustic guitar
Strong woman

Haha, yep.
And a Bible :wink:

Not a PDF version I assume :wink:

Oh and don’t forget a (Wilson) basketball :laughing:

Volleyball!!! :smiling_imp:

Just the one piece of hardware for me ; …

my double bass . :smiley:

a tambourine and slide whistle

Right, you have to have two mics, an SM-57, and your condenser of choice. Is it assumed you already have Cubase and its plugins? Because I’ll stick with Cubase’s compressors, limiters, equalizers, delays, de-esser, mbc, reverbs. Need Guitar Rig, Studio Drummer, and I would like some other Komplete instruments, like B3 and NY piano. Can I have Ozone?

Now that is some creative alternative thinking, I really like it! However, Like Jarno, I need the actual instruments


Strong like bull, smart like streetcar :mrgreen:

Is this thread an attempt to deny gear acquisition syndrome? The only thing that should limit gear, is the paralyzation that occurs from having too many choices and options. And besides, who can possibly live with only one desert island? Always have a spare (or three) of everything, even desert islands. :mrgreen:

For the ultra rich GAS afflicted

That’s not bad. But I might need a bridge to it. Unless UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL deliver gear shipments by boat?


I can feel a song coming on! :sunglasses:

You can have your beauty queen
And her collection of size zero jeans
When troubles come like they always do
A strong woman will stand with you

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