Design of octave lines

How does one change the size and spacing of the dots or dashes in an octave line in Dorico? I prefer dots to dashes, but the Dorico dots are too small and close together for my house style. Thank you.

Library > Engraving Options > Octave Lines > Appearance > Advanced Options

Thanks, pianoleo. I keep missing the Advanced Options.
I am getting close, but it doesn’t seem to accept anything other than the simple fractions built into the arrows like 1/2, 3/8. 1/4 etc. And actually decimals would be much better, but it doesn’t seem to accept those. Can one change the units of measurement?

You can type decimals (or fractions) into the fields. As soon as you Tab away (or click to the next field) Dorico will turn whatever you typed into a fraction.

These values will always be relative to a staff space, in order that items on the page can be scaled appropriately when the staff size is changed.

Sorry. I must not have been leaving the box, so Apply remained grayed out. And I see why I thought it wasn’t accepting a decimal. One must type 0.33 not .33 for it to be accepted.

Thanks for your help, pianoleo.

It’s odd that the Dorico folks have selected those tightly packed “machine gun” extender dots as a default for these lines. I’ve never really seen these in traditionally engraved music. When I do see them nowadays I always think “Ah, made in Dorico”. Maybe not such a good thought.

As I’ve seen, the tool used by the ancient engravers resembles a baker’s tool for edging a pie crust. A rotating metal wheel attached to a wooden handle with spikes protruding at appropriate intervals. Lay down your steel straightedge and run the tool along the edge.

I’ll take blueberry a la mode.


If that doesn’t take the cake!