Design or issue Key command for "Focus Forward"

I had this strange problem last days.
Using the letter “t” while naming, something in cubase. (part,channel name, export file name, etc etc) did not typed the letter “t”, but took away the focus of the text box. today i found out that he key command for change focus was “t” . maybe this is not a default key command, but i did this myself when checking out key commands while intalling a shuttle expres, last week.

But i think it’s a strange thing, when typing, you trigger a key command.
Can anyone try, and check this?

So in short, if you assign “T” as a key command, for “focus, forward” you are not able to use this letter “T” for anything else when typing, is this design? or is it just me?
Thank you.
PC, Cubase 11.0.10

Yes, what you say is true. I have + and - (alphanumeric) assigned to focus forward/back, and I can’t type them in any text field, I need to use numpad - and numpad + instead. I don’t know if it’s intended behaviour or not.

Thank you, good to know im not alone.
But this is strange, what "other"key commands, are actualy “active” while typing.
Does using "q"in a text box also quantise the part that is still selected…
No… just checked that out :slight_smile:

I don’t believe other keycommands work while typing. Just those two, because it’s possible you would need to quickly skip to another field and continue typing. It looks as if those two commands are on a “higher level” sot to speak than the rest, and similar to pressing tab or shift tab.

I take this by design then,
i (ofcourse) un-assigned the command. :slight_smile: