[design usability bug] Edit Playing Technique button actually adds one


Clicking “Edit Playing Technique” when no technique is selected, creates a new technique. This is annoying because if you just want to open the editor and then choose the technique, you first have to delete this unwanted newly created technique.
Expected behavior: no new technique is added, and it’s only added when using the other button, that is “Add Playing Technique”.

The fact that the window doesn’t scroll to the newly created technique doesn’t help either… The item is focused but the view doesn’t scroll.

Moreover, editing a technique should work not only when a technique is selected in the score, but also after a technique has been clicked on the panel itself and the cursor changes to reflect that you can “drop it” onto a note. The fact that this is not the current behavior confused me for quite a while.

I agree this has bothered me as well, as I couldn’t understand why there were so many new empty playing techniques in some files… I got used to it :person_shrugging::rofl:

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You can open the Playing Techniques Editor directly from the Library menu, without creating a new one.

Conversely, if you do want to create a new PT then just clicking on the pencil icon is quick!

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I know, this thread was just to point out the problem in the panel on the right.

The “+” icon is what should be used, not the pencil one. The pencil one is bugged as I’m pointing out in this thread.

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I’m afraid the op is right. It has really always felt like a bug to me…

We made the edit button open the dialog when no playing technique is selected as a convenience, on the grounds that you obviously want to do something involving editing or making a new playing technique when you click it, but I agree that overall it would be better if the button were only available when you actually have a playing technique selected to edit. We’ll take a look at changing this in future.

of course

That’s the function of the “+” button . By creating a new technique with the pencil button too, the user ends up creating new unwanted empty techniques all the time.
The fact that the window doesn’t scroll to the newly created technique doesn’t help either.