Designate custom layout for all playback?

Only the current custom layout is reflected in the playback - so only those instruments currently showing are heard. Is there a way to define a custom layout for playback regardless of what is currently selected? Or perhaps have all instruments play back by default? I’d like to be looking at, for example, only brass, but hear the entire orchestra during playback. Currently I have to switch back to the full score to hear everything.

I think this has been discussed before and that the answer was to use multiple tabs (split screen?) and to cue the playback from the full score tab but monitor the progress on the [brass} tab.

That’s a pretty good work around. I opened a second window with Write mode on both. Clicking on different tabs in either window did have an effect on playback in terms of which instruments I was hearing. So I can watch one custom layout in one window but hear what is playing in the other. It will play whatever tab I clicked on last.

Kind of clunky, but I’ll see how it goes.