Designing your own knobs, switches etc.

Someone doing this? I know the technique behind the concept of animated knobs, but I can’t find any relevant information about how to make, say an animated knob in HALion. I do have the png files with the “filmstripes”, but how do I start, where do I save and how can I access what I have created in my projects.
Anyone working with custom knobs that can give me a step-by-step tutorial or provide a link to where I can find info about this? I have looked here:, but it doesn’t help me a lot…

Hi, It might take a while to explain what you are looking for.
I started out a complete novice last year and to get anywhere in Halion WILL take you sometime.

I’ve been using JKnobman and Skinman- see attached graphic- this is something I’ve been working on.
JKnobMan is for animated knobs, dials & sliders where SkinMan is for the backgrounds.

I would suggest trying a few basic pages just using Halion knobs & dials so you get used to how things work.
then try downloading one of the many dials in JKnobMan and see how you get on with them.
Try editing some of these knobs until you understand how it works.

I’ll see if I can put a few things together.

The Halion 6 strap line should read: Nobody said it was easy !
wavetable x2.JPG

Hi Paddy and thanks for your input.
I’m familiar with the GUI maker in HALion and using the knobs, sliders, switches etc, that comes with the program. I have also worked with Knobman earlier.
But, I have not made my own graphics inside HALion, and that’s what I was interested in knowing a bit more about