Desire for VST Paths, for multiple VST locations or optional mount locations

I found similar feature requests for other steinberg products but not Dorico. It would be nice if Dorico supported multiple VST paths. It seems strange that it does not support a path list. I am accustomed to using the VST path list in Reaper for example.

I use multiple external drives for VSTs and use different drives depending on location and mobility; these drives may be plugged or unplugged depending on the situation. If there were a VST path then I could place the fast drive path first, and if my fast drive is not mounted then a subsequent path entry would load the VSTs from the slower source.

Iconica by itself is an absolutely massive package which requires a ginormous drive. If there were multiple paths then I could split the VSTs to have the essentials on the internal and the huge packages on various externals, which would be a much faster result. For unfortunate budgetary concerns or simple lack of foresight the current institution has only provided mac’s with 256GB drives (blasphemous size, I know…especially when the mandatory and non-uninstallable Avid app packages take a huge wasteful chunk of that).

I suppose this single-PATH is a limitation of the Download Assistant as well, which only supports one fixed, unified location.

Dorico these days really supports only VST 3 plug-ins (VST 2.x plug-ins are effectively deprecated; they are no longer supported at all on Apple Silicon Macs, and will sooner or later be impossible to load on all platforms). VST 3 plug-ins are all loaded from a fixed location, so it doesn’t make sense to specify paths for them. However, it would be nice to create a “block list” of plug-ins you don’t want to be loaded, and this is something we may be able to implement in a future version.

I’m not sure why it would not make sense to be able to specify paths for various VST’s or alternate paths (which may or may not be mounted at the time of running Dorico). My Steinberg VST directory, on external SSD, is 283GB, and should be separable into various parts or various I/O locations.

Try using Dorico on a laptop while mobile, and either lugging around ‘bigger’ external drives or smaller slower drives, and the use case might become apparent. I would not want to hassle with plugging in an external drive on an airplane. Composers frequently express that they do lots of composing in such odd travel situations. Currently I am composing on a couch in a lounge (rehearsal rooms are currently too noisy with practicers). I have composed while waiting in a hospital lobby. Composing is a mobile activity sometimes not accommodating to plugging in or lugging around an SSD.

As Mark Twain said: “… the wise man saith, ‘Pull all your eggs in the one basket and - WATCH THAT BASKET.’”

I will try symlinking the USER vst directory to an external mount point of my fast ssd and see if the priority works to find Iconica there (when it is mounted) before it scans the slow drive. Presuming Dorico follows this (unnecessarily restrictive) standard: