Desired forum pic is "too wide" for the forum engine, and so edges get cut off


There is a pic I’d like to use as my forum avatar, but the edges get cut off when the forum shows me a preview.

I was able to “shrink” it down as much as I want (even to 25%) using Microsoft Paint 3D (I’m on W10), but it doesn’t change what is shown in the forum avatar preview when I select it as a new forum avatar pic. (I guess it reduces the number of pixels, but not the “dimensions”?).

Am I explaining this clearly, and if so if anyone can help, thanks in advance!


I thought I’d try this again maybe if can explain it better …

I found a pic on the internet I wanted to crop a bit (which i did) and use as an avatar pic in this forum.

The problem is the forum engine seems to do further cropping , and so the edges of my cropped pic are lost outside the forum pic’s “circle frame”.

I figure I need to make my cropped pic smaller somehow, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that using the built-in Windows tool. Google comes up with suggestions for reducing the pixel amount of my picture, but I wasn’t sure how to use that information to accomplish what I wanted to.


Any help much appreciated!