Desperately need the color tool back

I can see how it affects your particular workflow. One solution that would suit your workflow (that would take some time to set up) would be to create a set of logical editor functions and assign it to a macro key. So in your session, lets say you have 50 different instruments loaded and named that need colouring. You could literally click 1 key and Cubase will automatically assign the correct colour for each instrument based on the name of each channel. That way you’d never need to open the colour pallet again, or even look at the names.

Yup, that is what it has come to. It is the Project Logical Editor by the way, not the regular one. Attached is a PLE Preset example of how set a Track to a specific color. In the bottom Parameter 1 should show you a list of your colors. This is a bit different than the Color Tool/Picker in that it doesn’t matter if any Parts are selected - it just colors the currently selected Track(s) and any Parts on them.

You need to make one of these for each color, which can get tedious. But once that’s done, as Marcus points out, they can be assigned to Key Commands. Or used in other interesting ways… (drum roll, coming soon)

So, would your track name have to be ‘Cello’ in order for it to associate it to that colour, or will it look for track names containing Cello and still be able to associate… If your track name is ‘Cello 1 Neumn-L’, will it still assign the proper colour?

It doesn’t care what the Track is named (although you could make the PLE check names, there’s an example I think) it will color any selected Track to the color I named Cello.

We are aware of your feedback, but there will be no changes in the upcoming first maintenance update.

necessity, mother, invention, etc.

Since the current state of the Color picker makes it close to useless for me, it forced me to come up with an alternative solution. Won’t work for everyone, but if you have Metagrid this turned out pretty sweet.

Steinberg was right to think that the old Color Tool needed an update. Scrolling to find a color could become annoying fast. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to fully think through the ramifications of the changes being made.

Once I created 60 PLE Presets like above (yikes! 60 colors) I was able to assign them to Metagrid buttons. As you can see in the attached, the display is similar to the new Color Picker - except you can read the names. Oh & it can sit on my lap. :laughing:

That’s pretty nifty. anyone know of an android/pc equivalent?

Thank you! This helps my planning as I will hang onto 9.5 and reinstall it after my PC reformat. Would it be reasonable to expect that first maintenance update will be released alongside the demo this coming month?

Pretty sure there isn’t. I got a used iPad just to run it. Glad I did.

Good idea

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the new color tool ist much faster than the old one!

Although the labels of the colors are missing in C10, but I suspekt there are not very much users who have used this labeling option.
In the old tool there was a huge long list, you had to open this every time!!! - I found that extremely annoying !
The new color tool is the right way.
Maybe next step with labels. Why not, then everyone should be satisfied.

No it’s not. if you knew the colour sampler existed by holding alt, you only had to open that long list if you needed a colour you hand’t used yet.

Secondly, there is no last colour used queue… so you have to keep RE-SELECTING the SAME COLOUR even though you want to colour the events the same… Explain how this is quicker?


“better” Cubase 10 Colouring


Cubase 9.5 Colouring

Matthias, comparison videos between 9.5 and 10 above if your colleagues aren’t understanding what we’re getting at here. It’s a BIG difference for those of us that work efficiently at a professional level, counting seconds of the day to get stuff done.

i see that the discussion is shifted to “workarounds”. which is nice in itself, but does not address the underlying problem of tweaking things without a compelling reason. the whole point of a DAW with a good workflow is to AVOID workarounds! on top it looks that Steini is refusing to do anything about it anyway. my experience over the years is that they NEVER go back on any decision once it is implemented, regardless of user feedback.

But where Steinberg blew it on this is totally removing the color name/labels from the pallet (and no hovering to see the name over the color is not even vaguely as useful).

+1 Totally agree with that. The new tool is perfectible.

I am concerned about the loooong vertical list only (!)
That the color picker is missing is clear to me !

I use the color´s names mainly, they are coded for every instrument type in my template. Are you saying that they are completely gone???

They are not completely gone but you can’t see them while coloring your tracks… Silly !
You have to hover your mouse on the color, wait half a second and a pop-up appears. Or you can display them all by clicking on “color configuration” in the new Palette tool.

Surprised no ones mentioned that its just plain daft that the colour box can’t be detached and floated from the toolbar like all the other dropdown menus.
It floats using a key command so I’m presuming its another oversight or a bug.