Destroyed Full score layout

Hi fellows,

i again ran in the situation, where i had my 185 pages Full score layout tediously edited with several custom modifications needed to vertical spacing that could not be pre-configured and when it comes to parts layout after the copyediting, something happens to the layout, even the slightest custom modification is gone over all the pages.
I don’t even know what kind of part modifications lead to this behaviour…
Anyone else upset about this malfunction?


This sounds very odd. I’ve never been editing one layout and had the other change on me. Sounds like a workflow issue that is having unintended consequences. Perhaps you should save PDFs as soon as you’re done editing before moving on to another layout. Optionally, copy the project and do the parts in the copied file. Amy chance you changed the semantic value of something in a part that might then require the full score to recalculate?

Just found your thread:

If you are editing the full score, “finalizing it” so to speak, only to turn around and add things in the parts that Dorico doesn’t know isn’t supposed to also be included in the full score layout, I’m not surprised you’re running into troubles. Put everything you want in before you make it look pretty.

There must be at least one, you call it semantic element, that i regulary touch during parts layout that forces Dorico to reset its vertical spacing completely, and for all pages…
I really don’t know what it could be. I neither add bars nor do i do anything with the tempomarks.
What i often have to do, is fiddling around with note-spacing as i have lots of very long tempo-indications that take up far too much room. Sadly i can’t re-engineer to figure out what happened when…

You could do some detective work from the contents of your Autosave folder, before closing Dorico, though. It typically saves every five minutes. I recommend increasing the number of retained versions from 5 to something substantially higher.

Dorico will remove vertical spacing adjustments if the rhythmic position of the start of the system changes, so in the worst case scenario, if you add a bar or make another change at the very start of the flow, that can cause all vertical spacing adjustments to be removed. In our current development builds we have changed this so that provided the number of systems in the frame remans the same, and the staff to which the adjustment is supposed to apply also exists in that frame, the vertical spacing adjustment will be retained. The same improvement has also been made for lyric vertical adjustments. These changes will be included in the next update when it arrives.