Destructive audio trimming???

I want to be able to trim audio in the arrange window wherein the trimmed pieces are permanently deleted.

I’m digitizing about 15 years worth of board tapes recorded on cassettes. After I set a nominal level I want to press record and let 'er rip, so to speak, with only the occasional look see till the cassette stops. If I can’t stop recording immediately after the cassette stops I want to be able to quickly trim the tail destructively, save, and move on to the next tape.

At the moment, it appears the only way to do this is to trim the audio, export to mixdown, remove the original audio track from the arrange window, open the pool, move the original file to the trash, then go to trash and erase the original file. Under other circumstances these steps are quick to execute but when dealing with this much material it becomes time consuming.

I’ve double checked for a preference that addresses this and looked through the manual but can’t find anything regarding destructive editing. If anyone can point me to a place in the manual that covers destructive edits such as I’ve described I’m all for reading it myself, I just can’t seem to find it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

As far as I’m aware Cubase can’t really do destructive editing.

Wavelab would be ideal for this (record, trim, save. Done)…though something like Audacity would probably do the job for free.

I was afraid of that. Seems like a simple thing to be able to record and edit in the same program. I’ll keep trudging through. Thank goodness for the nostalgia factor or it would be even more tedious than I want to consider. Reminds me of being an underpaid intern 16 years ago.

Highlight the audio, right click, audio - bounce audio… That will replace the existing audio clip and create a new version. Your old version will still be on the disk but at least it bypasses the majority of steps you mentioned.

Yes, bounce will get you there faster, if you record multiple tapes in the same project you can trim and bounce after each one and in the end use the “remove unused media”->“move to trash” in the pool to remove all non bounced clips.
Also if you know the length of the recording, or at least the tape, you can set the right locator accordingly and use punch out to avoid recording hours of silence.

What about Minimize Audio File from the Pool’s drop-down menu?

Nice one. I’ll try it.