Detachable Drummaps created from instruments


Its quite a neat feature to be able to create drum maps directly from instruments. However i was not able to make a copy of it and save it under a different name . Everytime i modified the copy and used it on the same instrument again it switched back to the old layout and name. So its still attached to the instrument. I think its some meta data written into the XML file.

While it makes sense to dynmically react on changes in the instruments mapping it would be great to be able to detach it from the instrument so that we can actually permanently modify it. I use this feature quite often with BFD3 and its great to not have to manually created it but i want to change the order of the notes displayed to have a better overview over all the kit pieces an their articulations. With drum maps created from instruments its not possible.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem possible to modify a drum map created from the instrument. The way I resolved this was to change BFD3’s internal drum map so it had the drums in the order I like. Now when Cubase creates its map the drums are arranged in my preferred order. I’d recommend when doing this that you add in extra kit pieces (percussion, snares, etc) beyond what you normally use into the map. Then if you want to add a 2nd snare later there is a place in the map for it.

If you want to start from my BFD3 map, here it is