Detachable note window


I use the notefunktion alot, since i use more and more hardware comps and eqs in my setup. it is really nice to have those notes in the channels where the hardware is routed to. I’ve wrote myselfe a .txt file where i store my blank presets, e.g.:

SSL G4000:

Input Gain:
Output Gain:

I copy this to the note funktion and fill it with the parameters. But you can only navigate in the note window using the arrow keys and mouse funktion is disabled while opend.

My request would be to have a dedicated editor window with mouse support for easy editing. Additional, it would be nice to have some txt presets like my example, which i can load direktly from cubase without opening a txt file. The very very best would be to have a window, which allows you to have drop down parameters you can fill out and just have to click on. Like: sidechain: on/off.