Detached filter window in HS2

Can somebody see if they can recreate this please. (Cubase 6.5.5 + HSSE and HS2)

I’ve just installed VSTi collection including HS2.
Since that, opening the browse window in HSSE (in any way) or opening the browse window in HS2 (via a hardware controller) brings up the old HSSE style browser window.
If I select the ‘logical’ attributes for filtering and click the drop down ‘any attribute’ box to choose a search filter, the list of filter options floats above the rest of Cubase and is unclickable. Can’t get rid of it.

Grateful for any input

Just to update;
I just installed Cubase 7 and this is fixed in Cubase 7 but still runs wrong in Cubase 6.5.5
Hope that helps somebody :slight_smile: