Detached MIDI Editor Loses Focus When Changing Event

Doesn’t Work:
When detaching the MIDI editor and clicking a MIDI event - above or below the last selected - the (detached) MIDI Editor view scrolls to the beginning of the event, disregarding the position of the Cursor.

What Works:
When I click the vertical Project Cursor in the project window, the MIDI editor in the lower zone scrolls as expected (so the Cursor gets focused). Also, if I click another track/event, above or below the last event, the Cursor remains in focus (no horizontal movement). That’s proper behaviour.

This “cursor out of focus” behaviour seems to occur for events which has different lengths, especially if one event starts earlier than the other. Example below:

It doesn’t matter which event is selected first, and when selecting the other event the Cursor focus is lost.

After selecting a new MIDI event I always have to double-click the “F” key to make the MIDI editor scroll to get the Cursor in focus again.

This behaviour is very tiresome when trying to adjust midinotes at the cursor position in different Events.

Cubase 12.0.70, Build 464


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This is a known old and already retorted issue.

Do you have a link to a solution?



No, there is no other solution but the workaround you described.