Detect Silence -> Batch Process / Offline Process

I like the detect silence feature for removing empty/null parts of audio tracks. But usually I want to apply it to a LOT of tracks at once. If I import 50, 100, 200 tracks, etc… I’d like to be able to get rid of all the empty parts very fast.

But right now when I use the feature, I have to wait for it to detect on each track one by one and I have to hit ‘process’ each time. And if I hit ‘process’ before it’s done fully detecting then it won’t even do anything on that track and I have to go back and do it again. For bulk processes, it’s often times easier just to do it by hand (which is no fun).

Can we get this feature to work more like the Offline Process feature? For instance, if I get a large mix with a ton of vocals that all are pretty saliva-heavy and have clicks and lip smacks throughout, I can just open the Offline Process window and apply mouth click to all the audio events. It will process everything for me without me having to hit ‘apply’ on each instance… I can either get off the computer for a minute while it processes or I can even do other things in the project while I wait. If the detect silence feature worked the same way, it would save so much time and energy.