Detect silence bug - need to 'clear' pool?


Today I tried detecting and removing silence on a project with about 40 tracks. As usual I selected all the regions (on per track) and went to the detect silence screen.

What I noticed was that there was no way to process them, the “process selected events” box was missing. After some experimentation I found that if I had 10 or less regions it works.

I then tried loading in 11 tracks and then deleting one of them on the arrange. I then selected the 10 remaining and tried to detect silence. It didn’t work still so I used the remove unused media function to get rid of the 11th and finally it did.

It was then that I tried reloading my 40 tracks and then just used remove unused media right away (even though all were present on the arrange) and then the detect silence feature worked.

So to recap, with more than 10 regions/tracks in a session I have to use remove media in the Pool to use the detect silence function, despite nothing actually being removed.

This is on 9.5, anyone else see the same?


There are def some issues with detect silence in 9.5. Sometimes the process all box goes away.