Detect Silence - Dialog

If anyone stumbles upon this thread just know that I missed a setting in the dialog box. You can read this if you want to see the effect of too long “time open” setting.

Wish I’d had more coffee before trying this. Works well.

---- pre-coffee below ----

Just tried out Detect Silence with the dialog AI selection for the first time. I’m getting some really odd results.

In the picture below you can see the same line of voiceover repeated four times, so four takes of the exact same copy. It properly detects silence at the top of this clip, properly cuts out a piece of silence between the phrase and the ‘tag’, but then includes silence.

In addition to that the ‘tag’ of the last take is omitted and treated as noise.

Curiously, if I trim the end of that clip so that I only have the first two takes in the clip the ‘tag’ at the end of the last take is again treated as noise:

So the tag is included in all takes except the last one. This is a clean recording with little noise by the way.

What experiences have the rest of you had with this?

on my list of things to check out… :slight_smile:

Your minimum open time is set to 1000ms!!!


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Ah, doh. I was looking for threshold and since it was grayed out I just ignored that parameter. I need more coffee apparently. Or more brain.

To be honest, and in your defense: N12 shipped with this default setting.
This isn’t suppose to happen.
So this one is on Steinberg.


Nah… should have known.

Edited the title to make sure people don’t think it isn’t working.

I ran into the same exact problem. I never set it to 1000ms, but that’s what it’s set to. I need to try changing it around and seeing if it improves it.