"Detect silence" in update_v.8.1 - this is another mockery?

The guys from Steinberg! It’s not funny. How much can you have to mock people? View these screenshots versions 8,0,15 and the new “update” to 8.1. Many years ago you took away my opportunity to “UNDO” during recording. Now you are making me hundreds of times to press the button “Process”? You think this your job will be to evoke positive emotions among users?!

Unfortunately, I can’t imagine the picture. (( The program says: Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached. ((
But it should be clear that the option “apply to all selected events” in new window “Detect silence” - missing (((

the screenshots here

My friend, this thing appears after you hit Compute.

No, my friend, this thing appears when you select more than one clip on the timeline. However, maybe it is on your Apple computer different, but in Nuendo for Windows OS has always been so. Believe me, I know whereof I speak. ))
Sorry for my English ))

Roger that.


Thank you for your report. I’m glad to announce this bug will be fixed in 8.1.10


Armand, thank you for your response. Can you tell me how soon it is expected this fixed update?