Detect Tempo from event and set that Tempo ..?


Coming from Protools, there is a handy feature in Protools that let’s me tempo analyze a selected event and make a tempo event for that event.
It’s called Beat Inspector.

So for example, the function would work like this:

I have a selected audio event (steady bpm !) in the Project window with unknown tempo but i know it is x bars long.
The audio event starts at a bar.
Now i activate the function which i am looking for , type in that number of x bars.
Cubase would then calculate the tempo of that selected audio event and would place a tempo event with that tempo in the tempo track at the start of the audio event.

Any protools user out there that knows if the same function exists in Cubase 7 ?

Thx in advance,


Try a search for Tempo Detection.

Sorry, not a protools user unfortunately, but yes, such a function exits in C7…