detect the pitch of the sample in groove Agent 4 SE

Is it possible for groove Agent 4 SE to detect the right tone/key of the sample so I dont have to adjust the pitch by listening? It would be a great help when sampling bass and synth sounds, if it was the right tone.


Sorry but I don’t think that’s possible. You could try using the Tuner plugin, or try playing a melody/bassline that you’re familiar with and adjust the pitch until it sounds right. (if you’re sampling single notes)

yes thats how i do it now, but it is a slow method. That is why, it could have been nice with that feature. I mean, if pitch and warp in variaudio can detect the pitch, is it possible to make a feature like that. What about the padshop pro drag and drop sample feature. Can it detect the pitch or maybe some other software?

I think it’s impossible at this moment, but it’s indeed very neat feature for future versions.
Right now I tune all samples by ear but it’s incredibly slow process and basically kill creativity.
Love to hear if there is another sampler that can do it already.