Detecting when content doesnt fit in page

Curious, Why doesn’t Dorico automatically create necessary system breaks in the case shown in screenshot, to avoid text going out of border? (or at least flag such scenarios). I know we can create system breaks for fixing this, but is it not trivial for Dorico to detect when some content doesnt entirely fit on page ?

Hi. This has already been requested — I’m confident it should not surprise you. Daniel has explained the difficulty with a circular scenario where calculating such stuff would require much greater computational load. So, for now, manual system breaks are the only solution…

Just 10 days ago I did a search and found half a dozen other requests about this going back 7 years.

Indeed, it would seem it is not trivial. The same problem happens vertically when content extends far outside the staff.

I suppose the question is how difficult it is for the user to fix vs. how difficult it is for the developers to fix–and the balance between the two.

Those items relatively easy for the user but rather difficult for the programmers will likely take longer to arrive than other fixes or additions.