Determine Mono or Stereo input after the fact

Hello. Is there a way to determine if a channel has mono or stereo input after the fact? A while ago I added a bunch of stereo channels but inadvertently selected mono input for them. I can see the two-circle stereo out indicators under the tracks in the mixer but cannot find any mono/stereo info for the input. All help appreciated.

At the risk of not answering - why does it matter ?

If you look in the inspector you can see what is feeding the input - and if you press F4 you can see the input configuration - but it’s easy to change what it feeding the input afterwards so it doesn’t really matter if it’s currently a mono source or a stereo source…you can change it

if you want a quick answer without doing any looking at all…then record 1 second and see if the file is mono or stereo :smiley:

Thanks for the fast reply. I knew it might be a stupid question but was concerned that my VST stereo outputs were being routed to a mono input with a stereo output. I do have a fundamental lack of knowledge about how much of this works. I took your advice and bounced a track recorded from my VST and it resulted in a stereo audio track. My concern was whether I was getting all of the L/R info possible from the VST instrument.

no worries - actually assumed you were talking audio tracks rather than VSTi :slight_smile: In the cae of instrument tracks then the one/two circle icon is the definitive guide.

and it’s not a stupid question at all - everybody has something to learn - and with cubase you never really understand it all.