Determine the length of a range (or a group of clips)

Hi, all-

Nuendo doesn’t seem to have an explicit way to determine the length of a selection of clips, or even a selected range. When working on broadcast spots, I need these sorts of timing things all the time… how big is this hole, how much time do we have to fill here, how long is this section of dialog, etc. This kind of info is needed to communicate with voice talent, writers, video editors… it’s essential to the process.

I know in the case of a group of clips, we can select the clips, glue them, select the glued clip, note the length, then undo the gluing. But holy moley, that’s a long workaround. The hack I’ve been using for getting the length of a range is quicker, but still a hack… double-click on an empty track inside the range to create an empty clip, note its length, then undo the creation of the empty clip.

Is there a better way in Nuendo to accomplish these things? I can’t find anything in the manual. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!


In my project window, when the range tool is selected, range start, end and length all appear in the info line. You don’t have that? (it can be hidden)


Ah, I see what you mean. I used the wrong term when I said “range”… I’m referring to the range between the locators up in the ruler (I don’t yet know what that’s called but will check the manual in a bit). Is there a way to know the length of that?

You can set a key command for range selection “in loop”, which will create a range defined by the locators.

With the Range Tool selected…

Edit/Select/In Loop.

It’d be nice if there were a way to just see the distance between locators… but as far as I know that’s not available. But the method just described is pretty simple-- you could make a macro to do it all in one click.


That is the next best thing. Thank you!!! I do love the flexibility of the key commands and macros in Nuendo. Until recently I was using 3 different DAWs on a regular basis, so custom key commands and macros have been my saving grace. Thanks again for your time and insight. :smiley: