Determining if dynamic is "Voice-specific" or not (and changing it)


I have read about “Voice-specific” dynamics here:
And am familiar with how to input them, as described here:

My question is twofold:

  1. Once a dynamic is on the score, what is the easiest way to determine if it is “voice-specific” or not? The only way I’ve found to do this is to check the MIDI velocity in the Play tab and infer from that. Hoping there is an easier way.

  2. Once a dynamic is on the score, can it be changed from “voice-specific” to not or vice-versa? My current understanding is the only way to do this is to delete and re-add the dynamics.

Finally, If there are not good ways to do (1) and (2), are they reasonable feature requests?


Hi dryross!
You’re right on your both points. I feel the request is valid (mere user here so take it with a kg of salt), but I would not have high hopes about how fast this will appear in the roadmap — i don’t recall this has ever been requested.

Playing devil’s advocate here, if the purpose of notation is to communicate to performers, then if a performer can’t work out what the dynamics apply to just by looking at the score, the communication failed.

(Yes, I know people cover their scores with dynamics that were never intended for humans, to try to improve computer playback!)

Fair point, Rob. This is purely from the perspective of improving computer playback (which I assume is the case for “Voice-specific” dynamics in general).

But I appreciate the point.

Actually I agree there should be a readout somewhere (e.g. in the bottom status box that gives the pitch of notes, etc?)

If you are trying to sort out a snake pit of voices imported from another app by MusicXML (e.g. converting faked cross-staff notes to use Dorico’s capabilities), every extra clue helps.