Determining the root cause of these crashes

I’d appreciate it if anyone, perhaps @Martin.Jirsak, can help analyze these recent .dmp files for clues.
Cubase 64bit 2024.4.24 (3.1 MB)
Cubase12.dmp (1.5 MB)

Cubase has been crashing constantly lately (multiple times per day), which is quite unusual compared to the baseline of once every few days/weeks.

Nothing has changed on my end (hardware or software), and other than Cubase, everything else is running normally at baseline.

This is not related to a specific project as it will happen regardless of which project is open.

I’ve tried using Windbg to inspect the dump file(s) but it’s not pointing to a specific plugin or specific hardware so my knowledge ends here.

Thanks for your time and help.

The first one is a crash inside Cubase.exe, so only Steinberg can look into it.
Why is the file name of the second one so short?

Thanks for looking into it quickly @Johnny_Moneto.

only Steinberg can look into it.

Unfortunately I figured as much, which is why I also tagged Martin.

Why is the file name of the second one so short?

I’m not sure why the second filename doesn’t include a similar naming pattern, your guess is as good as mine. Both of those files were generated for the same crash.

Actually, a third dmp file was also generated for the same crash, but I didn’t include it in the first post because it’s ~140mb, also happens within Cubase (according to dmp analysis). I’ve uploaded it now in case someone from Steinberg can take a look at it.

Also tagging @Fabio_B since these crashes are happening within Cubase (seemingly).

Thanks again for your time.

Well, the second dump file looks a bit weirder as the first one. Not sure if team Steinberg can use it.
I wish you luck.

Thanks for the files, will resolve them ASAP, if Martin didn’t enter them in our system already.

About the names: the first one is a regular Cubase log generated by the dumper… the name of the second one usually indicates a process dump (from Task Manager); but these are usually huge, as they are memory dumps. Makes any sense with how you got it?
The last one 143MB big looks like a Windows dump, where did you get it?
Just to know what they are, in case their resolution looks “funny”.

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Thanks a lot for checking in @Fabio_B , I appreciate your time.

second one[…] Makes any sense with how you got it?

Actually, I made the incorrect assumption that all these logs where located in:
That’s just for the standard Cubase dump (1st file)

It seems Cubase12.dmp (2nd file) is coming from

I have a Eucon-based Avid Artist Mix controller, which has been powered off during these crashes, although it’s still enabled in Studio Setup under Remote Devices > EuCon.

last one […] where did you get it?

and the last one is coming from \AppData\Local\CrashDumps.

I missed the directories of these because I did a Voidtools Everything Search for .dmp and these files were generated right after the crash, within the same time window/timestamp.

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Another crash occurred, and it seems to provide different data/context, although my analysis is limited.
Cubase 64bit 2024.4.24 (3.0 MB)
Cubase12.dmp (1.5 MB) (137 MB)

One thing to add, although it might not make a difference to the diagnosis:
All of these crashes start with this type of error
(screenshot is from an older crash, but the message is the same).
After this eror, Cubase functionality starts breaking (things like not being able to add/remove/modify inserts, key editor won’t allow for selections, etc), and within 3-5 minutes, Cubase officially crashes (closes).

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Thanks for the pointer about EuCon. I should be able to let you know something tomorrow. The files should all resolve properly, all regular dmp files in the end.


Thanks Fabio, I really appreciate it.

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Just to add a final note:
I’ve confirmed that the Avid crash log gets created after Cubase actually crashes/closes, not when the error message pops up indicating “a serious error has occurred.”, which is when the first dmp file is created (in \Steinberg\CrashDumps.

I’m just guessing here, but it seems that the Avid log might be created due to the abrupt crashing of Cubase, not as the reason why Cubase is crashing in the first place.

I’m going to try disabling the EuCon controller in Studio Setup just to help rule this out further.

One final crash log for the day.
Cubase 64bit 2024.4.24 (3.0 MB)

Editing to add: I removed EuCon altogether (both in Studio Setup & as installed software, crashes continue the same)

Hello @blumpcus,

pinging you here in case you get notifications for threads, but not PMs: I have sent you a message, as it was a somewhat long one and I’d need some further info (and possibly a few more dumps). Thank you!