Deutsche Handbücher für Dorico

Gibt es eigentlich für irgendeine Dorico Version 1 / 2 / 3 schon ein deutsches Handbuch ?

Is there actually a German manual for any Dorico version 1/2/3 ?

Danke ! Aber warum nicht für Version 3 ?
Thanks ! But why not for version 3?

Ich denke, das englische Handbuch für 3 ist noch nicht fertig…

Yes, I am still working on the V3 manual in English, but plans are already afoot to get localisation underway for V3.

The release of the fully-translated V2 manual is very regrettably behind schedule (despite our best efforts and very sincere intentions!) but we hope to have good news on that front very soon indeed.

The Ennglish Manual is great, and … Dorico 3 is wunderfull!
The german manual will be available in January 2020.

Dorico 2 manuals in German, Japanese, French, and Italian are now published - my forum post about it with direct links to the different manuals is here, and you can also reach them using the selecting tools on the website :slight_smile: