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I need help, I’m trying to familiarize myself with Dorico as a former and current Finale user. A lot of things are solved well in Dorico, and the layout often looks great in the end. The learning curve is steep; every manufacturer has their own approach. What I don’t understand is why the functions are often out of context and confusing. If I want to put fingerings to the left of the note heads, multiple selection often doesn’t work. When I select a function such as fingering, the necessary area is often missing in the large lower window and I have to scroll down to it, for example decoration, left display…

Sometimes I jump back and forth between the writing mode and the notation mode, but I can’t merge the two modes. In contrast to Finale, the enlargement and reduction of chords and spacing can always only be found in the nested layout design menu. This belongs to the note size next to the start menu. I am often involved with exercise sheets and transcriptions (piano) in music schools. What really drives me to despair is having German note names displayed in the note head; I would like to display the B as B. This is very easy to do in Finale, but is not carried out in XML export and import in Dorico. Is there a solution to this.

Despite all the complaining :wink: the program delivers great layouts

As for the fingerings left of the noteheads. In Engrave mode there’s an option for this in the Properties under “Fingering and Positions”.


While we’re at it: it would be nice if it were possible to assign a shortcut for the “Fingering position left of notehead” function. I use this feature very often, for all fingerings within the staves, because it erases the background:


I know what you’re trying to say but “display the B as B” kinda nicely sums up the general problem with the German note names… :wink:


P. S. : In meiner Unterrichtspraxis bin ich inzwischen so weit, dass ich “B” und “Bb” schreibe, aber “H” und “B” sage… Klitzekleine Transferleistung für die Schüler und mehr verfügbare Noten und weniger Kopfschmerzen für mich… :hugs:

Ah, and managing Write and Engrave modes becomes easy with two monitors, but I realize that might not be a solution for everybody.

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Yes, the properties panel should automatically scroll to the fingering section when a fingering is selected-just as it scrolls to the slur section when a slur is selected. Yet it doesn’t.

It was pointed out to me that one can “freeze” the properties panel on the fingering options by typing “finger” in the search pane a the top of the properties panel and leaving it there for the duration of editing of the fingering. That way, one is not constantly having to refind the fingering options for operations like moving all the selected fingerings to the left of the note heads.

I am also a Finale user, and it is true that some things are more direct and easier in Finale if one is an experienced user. However, on balance I have found Dorico superior to Finale and definitely worth the effort to learn.