Developers, my Macro list in the Project Logical Editor, is officially off my screen, hindering access to macros

My macros are off my screen so I can no longer see many of them.

This is a major interruption in some complicated but useful scripts I was creating.

Unfortunately, I cannot edit the XML to move things around as I need to, as this will break some Macros that contain other macros.

I need this fixed for my Windows 7 machine in a free update before the new Windows 10 only Cubase 10.5


was this fixed in 10.5 or any of the subsequent updates?

PLEASE fix this, my macro/PLE development has came to a screeching halt.

This should have been fixed in 10.5

Agree, this should not happen.
Some sort of folder structure and sorting would also be nice.

Well you can arrange them in a folder structure but you have to set it up using Windows. Still a big list should scroll.

You’re looking at the wrong thing - what you are organizing are PLE presets whereas what I’m talking about is the list of Macros mirrored from Key Commands

This is a similar Problem to the Quantisation Presets. I’ve quite a lot of them so I can’t see them all on the List. In conjunction with the mouse-wheel bug a nightmare at the moment.
Cubase needs a folder system to organize this long lists - maybe in the media bay?

Interesting, that’s a section of the program I haven’t really delved into yet.

I think both share the same type of dropdown.
I run my system on a 32:9 display and even there it’s a mess :wink:

you should create a new thread for this and link to this one as well - - - we will bump eachothers threads!

A few users did this already - for example here:

Your problem is very similar - that’s the reason I pointed this out once again on your topic :slight_smile:
There was a “hotfix” in 10.0.x which let us scroll the list - not the best solution but better than the actual dropdown…

Thanks for the links,
I also created a new PLE feature request that maybe also pertains to groove presets improvement

Perfect! Thank You!

No problem