Developers please comment: What is the 32VCA limit about? And is this workaround safe?

So it’s interesting, this limit can actually be bypassed but not without a warning each time you load the project.

I’d really appreciate comment from developers on this, if I am going to run into problems or if this bypass is safe?

So if you just try and plain add a VCA fader channel. You will get this prevention warning:

But, if you use an ‘Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels…’ It will add a VCA and link it to the selected channels and function appropriately. It does not steal a operation of function from already existing VCAs that I can see.

Likewise, you can do the same through the link channels protocol:

However every time you load a project with above 32limit, you will see this warning:

But despite this warning, everything seems to work and CAN be modified. So, what is this all about?