Developing Playback Templates in separate Flows


As suggested in the dedicated thread, I started developing my playback templates as separate Dorico projects — one per orchestral section.

Since this made matching all the playing techniques complicated, I then joined them into a single Dorico project for each series of libraries or music genre. For example, I’ve a Dorico project as a template for VSL’s Synchron libraries, one for VSL’s VI libraries, one for my Baroque orchestra.

This makes dealing with multiple libraries for the same category of instruments a bit more complicate. For example, routing Orchestral Violins, Appassionata Violins, Chamber Violins, Dimension Violins, and Solo Violin can be a bit hard when trying to differentiate them in Play mode.

So, maybe splitting this project into separate flows, each one dedicated to an orchestral section and a different library, might be an easier way to deal with them. Jump to the flow dedicated to Dimension Strings, and you only see the tracks for Dimension Strings.

Do you see any possible issue, with this way of managing the sound sets?


Dorico 4 will provide a more practical way to manage things like playing techniques and playback techniques between multiple projects, so I think it might be a good idea to wait for its release early next year.


Thank you, Daniel. Very good news. In the meantime, I’ll continue as it seems more convenient, knowing it will change in a few months.