Developing Playback Templates in separate Flows

An update a few Dorico versions later.

The ability of importing playing and playback entries, as well as instrument names, between projects via the Library Manager, makes keeping the playback templates separate for each sound library easier.

At the same time, there are things that still have to be complicated by definition. Take this example:

  1. I could have two separate playback templates:
  • VSL Synchron (VSL SY)
  • XSample Acoustic Library Extended (XAILX)
  1. My project has the VSL SY playback template applied.

  2. But I need some extended techniques from XAILX’s Violin. I import techniques and instrument from it via the Library Manager.

  3. Violin definitions are conflicting between the two libraries. It appear obvious that I need a basic “Violin” instrument from VSL SY, and a “XAILX Violiin” instrument from XAILX.

Different naming from instruments making part of a composite instrument is needed.

Maybe this is something that Dorico 6 could solve automatically. Something like: imported instrument definitions can either overlap, or be merged with the existing ones, and get a different name.